Software for window construction

ADULO Solutions develops and integrates successfully since 1985 Software for window and components sector.

Paperless production is becoming increasingly important

The around 200 tested ADULO FIT assembly terminals that are needed to supervise a production without paperwork are now available as a comlete solution with the matching software and included hardware. This counts for the Terminals, which are the solid Computers in the in the industrial casing, as well as for every single scanner at every workplace. On each station of the production the right operation instructions are shown on the Terminal through the barcodes. This way a perfect pruduction run is secured. In real-time the schedule for the production always stays under control, this makes an intervene possible at anytime.

Now also deliver paperless

After the production is completed everything around the delivery is ready for the order. From comissioning for the loading and unloading to the waybill and itinerary planning included with the rack maintenance. This information is now directly tranfered out of ADULO FIT to ADULO LAPP, the new delivery APP.
Even at this point ADULO Solutions offers the complete solution of the software and hardware to the operator. For the production without paperwork there also is the supervision without any paperwork for the delivery. The reliable cell phone works as a mobile terminal and is protected by a high quality casing: On the forklift, in the rain or on the cot and of course you can control it with gloves. With LAPP all deliveries are completed fast and easy. With the barcode scanner every loaded and unloaded part can be recorded right at the delilivery truck. This way nothing is forgotten and there only has to be one drive to the costumer. The company Porta made a clear comment on this : ´´ With this APP really everything is delivered; you would'nt believe how expensive it is to send an extra car with the missing packet of screws after the truck.'' Thanks to the defined goals which are to achieve, there is a precise delivery date you can give your customer; a possible delay is thanks to the GPS-tracker of every truck early to recognize and you can inform your customer in time. The whole intinerary planning including the return journey is minding all the customers that have empty racks to pick up. This way all the racks are always visible and avoid unnecessary waiting times for your customers.
The LAPP also offers all the neccessary functions especially for the documentation of the passage of risk. The acceptance of goods is signed electronically, this way the time and problems with the delivery are clear. If there is a case of loss everything is easy to handle thanks to the Photo and message function. The combination of ADULO FIT and ADULO LAPP creates clear procedures from the begin of the production to the end of the delivery and everything without a single sheet of paper.

And this is how a solution for your company could look!

In this video you will see an example on how processes within a window manufacturing company can be optimized. Completely different and partly integrated soultions are of course also a possiblity. In order for us to elaborate on how the individual implemenation for your company can look we suggest a personal meeting with us.  Because ADULO fits your company.